The Icebreaker functional clothing is ideal for mountain activities

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Icebreaker Shop

“Simply the best I've ever worn in extreme conditions!”

... and we've got to know it. Because back in 2005 we - your hosts Manuela Stockinger and Ruud Warnaar - spent the summer in New Zealand, where it was winter at the time, of course! Being snowboard and skiing instructors we were faced with the most unconfortable conditions. We had hail, freezing rain, winter thunder storms and snow storms and temperatures from below 20 degrees to above 20 degrees. Sometimes everything even on one day! Icebreaker

A local and therefor a real ‘kiwi’ mentioned Icebreaker to us. He said that the clothes are made out of 100% Merino wool, it doesn't itch, it doesn't stink and it's so comfy and warm when necessary but also breathable and cooling in hot temperatures. So the very same day we went and bought our first set of Icebreaker underwear. Shirts, sweaters, long johns and socks. From that day on we were fans of Icebreaker. Our ‘kiwi’ friend was right.

Ever since we've been wearing Icebreaker garments not only for skiing and snowboarding but for all kinds of outdoor activities e.g. hiking, biking, running,... Even in ice cold Montana, USA, we stayed nice and comfy warm at temperatures of below 40 degrees.

Come in and see for yourself how Icebreaker works, plus you'll be surprised how stylisch the clothes are. We're sure there is something suitable for everyone in our little Icebreaker shop.
We offer a discount of 30% on all items on stock for our guests only!

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